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Panda Security is among the virus management applications sellers. Panda Antivirus Pro provides some features, including automatic scanning, a rescue disc application along with an integrated firewall. In functionality and security, Panda Antivirus Guru works together with all the very best, according.

Panda performed at stopping strikes by AV-Test in evaluations, as the very best antivirus applications. It did so at the cost of slowing down the PC. On average, it scored during evaluations to determine whether it distinguishes between records.

Virus Protection Program

This virus protection program permits you to control exactly what it does about them and differentiates between unknown and known dangers. It scans net browsers, instant messages and files on disc for dangers that are known, and you'll be able to select on any of them or none. It is also possible to choose whether you want the computer security software to document such events. Panda's antivirus protection extends additionally to safeguard your mobile devices.

Lets you produce when your computer does not boot due to disease, a rescue drive to use. It's simpler to recover from scenarios that are catastrophic when you take some opportunity to make a rescue disc before you require it.

Windows 8

Panda Antivirus Guru 16.1 is your merchandise AV-Test most recently analyzed in June 2016 on Windows 8 working systems. It obtained a score for security, meaning that it blocked and recognized both unknown and known net threats like Trojans, malware and worms. It received among the scores for functionality, causing lag. Its score in usability makes Panda Antivirus Pro appropriate Windows 8 software.

Automatically Scans

Panda Secure automatically scans drives and contains protection. Additionally, it has a gambling style, which means it is possible to play games on your own own computer without worrying about scans or reminders interrupting your own gameplay. AV-Test analyzed Panda Security's current version. It did not create our lineup anti-virus software, although it did score 100% in protection both recently discovered and known. It did not score in the testing areas, making a mean score in conducting virus protection and scored lower than.

Windows Vista

Panda Security is contained in our lineup of applications for Windows Vista. It did a good job in testing that is separate, performing in protecting and recognizing against malware risks that are known. It struggled somewhat in recognizing documents that were legitimate and blocked them. While conducting Panda Security, test computers slowed by 150 minutes rather than the market average of 221 minutes.


Panda service centre hosts site, a forum and FAQs. You can contact technical support through email. The telephone is accessible during weekday business hours, and this places it. For an extra fee, you can get premium service, including telephone support and chat.

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